Building a new brand based on a solid foundation.

Building a new brand based on a solid foundation.

In 2006, Tony, Arnold, and Michael opened Claybar Group Limited. A decade later, our business turned a corner. We had successfully built a reputation of offering our clients solutions that were unique and of value to their decision making. So we approached this milestone as an opportunity to revisit our company name and brand.

To do this, we engaged our customers, colleagues, and partners in discussions on how we deliver value to them. What they said really resonated with us: that we are viewed as a cornerstone – setting a platform for them to create productive spaces. In many ways, we’re the constructive corner support of their project, giving them the foundational strength to build on. Using this feedback as inspiration, we renamed our company Quoin Construction Limited.

This felt right because the word quoin has such symbolism behind it. Dating back to the 1530’s, quoin literally means an external cornerstone or keystone. A quoin is a crucial element that connects intersecting walls, provides a solid foundation to build upon, and highlights attention to detail. Kind of like us.

Visually, our new logo design plays off this idea of a cornerstone, the blueprint drawing of an opening door symbolizes our process – that good planning evolves from open communication and collaboration. But if you shift your perspective, you’ll notice it’s also a “q” letter-form – which echoes the (sometimes unseen) impact our work brings to our clients and partners.